Cub Scout Pack

We are a large pack of approximately 40 boys and girls aged from eight and a half to ten years old. Cub Scouts is the second section (after Beavers) in the Scouting family. Cubs can move to the next section, Scouts, around the age of ten and a half.

There is sometimes a waiting list for this section. Please contact the Cub Scout Leader to add your child's name to the waiting list.

Programmes for the weekly meetings are designed to provide a wide variety of activities to bring out the best in the young people whilst ensuring that they have an enjoyable time. These activities include visits to places of interest, talks / demonstrations provided by outside organisations, games, craft work and general badge work. In addition Cubs have the opportunity to attend camps and activity days some of which are with other packs. This will mean you sleeping in a tent and doing loads of outdoor activities.

As a Cub Scout you will: 

  • have a lot of fun
  • try lots of new things
  • play games
  • make friends

 You can find out more about Cub Scouts at Cub Island

Leader/Contact: Bob Pain 01223 514332
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When: Fridays 6.15 - 7.45pm during term time
Subscriptions: £20 per term



Milton Cub Scouts wear:

  • Standard Cub Scout sweatshirt. This is available online (from the Scout Shop or other retailers).  The nearest shop is in Bury St. Edmunds.
  • 50th Cambridge (Milton & Landbeach) dark green tee shirt. This is available from the Cub Scout Leader. 
  • 50th Cambridge (Milton & Landbeach) scarf.  This is available from the Cub Scout Leader.
  • A woggle.  This is available from the Cub Scout Leader.

No uniform is needed until a Cub is invested.  Uniform is charged at cost.


Information on badges is available here.

This diagram shows where the badges go on the uniform. 


Our term times run alongside the school terms. There are normally no Cub meetings during the statutory school holidays.


Once settled as a Cub within the pack we will advise you of a date for the investiture. If your son/daughter does not feel ready then we can delay and choose a later date. If possible, we like the Cubs to be able to recite the Scout Law and Promise as a part of the investiture. The various wording options will be supplied nearer the time.

Code of Conduct and Behaviour Policy

In a previous term the Cubs worked together to produce the pack's Code of Conduct. The Code is reviewed periodically with the pack and all the Cubs are asked to sign it.  The current Code of Conduct is:

Behaviour which, in the opinion of the leaders, is unacceptable is dealt with using Yellow Cards and Red Cards. These cards are issued to Cubs only after consultation between the leaders. We will normally discuss the card with the parents involved. 

  • Yellow Card: The Yellow Card lasts for three Cubs sessions. A second Yellow Card in this time will give an automatic Red Card.
  • Red Card: On receipt of a Red Card, the Cub is asked to miss two Cubs sessions.


If a Cub has been issued with a Yellow Card, they will not be allowed to attend any Cub activities that take place away from the Community Centre (eg swimming or outside visit) during the period that their Yellow Card is in force. They will however, still be allowed to attend activities where the parent has already paid for an event and a refund is not practical / possible.





To simplify the administration of the Cub Scout pack, we use a service called Online Scout Manager (OSM).  For more information about OSM, please see these notes (Adobe/PDF, 355KB).

Parent Help

We rely on occasional parent help to enable our evenings to run. With 40+ Cubs we need enough adult supervision for these activities to run safely.


Sometimes photographs and video images of Cubs taking part in activities are submitted to the local newspapers, the Group, District or County newsletters and website or are put out on display. You can use our Photograph Permission Form to indicate whether you agree or disagree with this policy.

Please note that photographs taken by parents of Cubs should only be used for personal use and should not be placed in any public domain without the subjects parent's specific permission.

The Scouts policy on photography is here.

Cubs Quiz No.1

On 15th May 2020 the Cubs took part in a quiz using Zoom.  The questions and answers are here:





(no audio or animations in the PDF)

Cubs Quiz No.2

And on 26th June 2020 we did a multiple-choice quiz:



(no audio or animations in the PDF) 

Mug Cake and Scavenger Hunt

4th December 2020 - Mug Cake recipe here Mug Cake recipe and Scavenger Hunt slides here Scavenger Hunt.

Cubs Quiz No.3

The quiz from 17th December 2021:



(no audio or animations in the PDF)